About Us

The African Great Lakes Peace Trust (AGLPT) is a charity that supports peacebuilding work in Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. We are based in the UK, and registered with the Charity Commission, number 1154597.

The objects of AGLPT are:

To promote conflict resolution and reconciliation for the public benefit particularly in the African Great Lakes Region and in sub-Saharan Africa with a view to relieving suffering, poverty and distress and building and maintaining social cohesion and trust, within and between communities, by supporting projects which, particularly but not exclusively:

  • investigate and identify probable causes of the conflict;
  • work with parties to the conflict and others together to discuss possible solutions enabling them to build relationships of trust;
  • deliver services which address the charitable needs of those affected by conflict and
  • promote restorative justice and other forms of conflict resolution or reconciliation.

Current Trustees are:
Elizabeth Cave, Ann Floyd, Philip Hellen, Margot Lunnon, Andrew Rendle, Dorothy Nelson.

Annual reports and accounts