Apply for support

Application Guidelines: Remember that AGLPT’s key criterion for funding is work that contributes to peace-building. Such work can be of many different kinds: employment creation, skills development, community reconciliation, non-violent direct action, and much else.

Applications should be no more than 3 pages, and should outline

  • basic information: title of project, date of application,name of the organisation involved and its country of registration, name of contact person and contact details
  • The work: a brief description, the reasons why the work is important, who will be doing the work, the experience and knowledge they have that fits them for the work, the planned activities and approximate schedule, the beneficiaries of the work, and the intended outcomes for them
  • Evaluation: how will the work be evaluated against the outcomes intended?
  • Funds requested, and why the work fits with AGLPT’s objectives : summarise the funding required for the planned activities, and explain how the work is something AGLPT should consider funding.
  • Reasons for any travel, both within the region and to/from the UK
  • Reference: name and contact details of one person who is willing to serve as a reference. They should know your work, and should not be part of your organisation.

For more details, please download an application form and return by email to

Our decision process and timetable

  • We will consider proposals twice a year, in June and December
  • Applicants will be informed by mid January or mid July, respectively
  • Each project supported will be assigned to a partner in the region, for ongoing liaison

Our reporting requirements

  • Liaison arrangements will be agreed with the partner in the region
  • Brief reports should be submitted midway and at the end